Serving Static Files


I need to use HandleURL to parse some parameters, generate a static image, and return the URL to the cached image in the response.

The image needs to stay resident, and will be updated (replaced) with a file of the same name (but session dependent) every time a parameter changes.

The page that displays it will be on a different server, which is not running a XOJO app.

Is there a simple way to have the XOJO web app serve static pages (images in this case) without having continuously read the contents and submit it back through code?

Hope this question makes sense.

You could cache files in memory or send browser a redirection to a file served by web server.
If you have details I could make an example.

Good night for now

Yes it does. I believe there is a feature request for this. Signing on might eventually make it popular enough to actually get implemented.

We actually moved away from this in the framework because of the huge amounts of space that pictures take.