Service TABLEs in my SQLite file

This is a simple conversation where you can explain your opinion on what I am doing or explain how you resolve the question(s) and why you thing your way is better han mine :wink:

In an application where I use SQLite, I have some service TABLEs:
a. Header: Holds the strings I use in the Listbox headings (instead of the columns reference strings),
b. Who’s using the file (the company name, etc. who fill the data base: the db data owner),
c. Creator: me (name, phone, eMail, original creation date).

a does not needs more explanation.
b, I was thinking… if the file “goes away” in the company (or elsewhere), it is easy to know who’s the file owner (and have the right to use it).
c. It is always good to place a simple advertising / recall who created the application used with the file.

Feelings ? Advices ? Critics ? Did I forgot something ? How do you do that (if you do some) ?

I don’t know if I’d put the listbox column headings in the database. How do you handle language localization? In the few app I’ve done that needed localization I made column names as constants so I could localize them and then build the Listbox.InitiaValue string dynamically. something like

Dim s As String = kCol1 + chr(9) + kCol2 Me.InitialValue = s

I do not, it is for a french charity and stays there.

Good question.