ServerSocket.SocketRequested event broken?


someone has seen SocketRequested event in ServerSocket fire at all?
Looks like you have to ignore it and stick to AddSocket event.


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Searching in something like a Xojo Framework DLL shows AddSocket is there and SocketRequested is not. Looks like someone at Xojo just added SocketRequested event, but never added it to the C code?

Seems like someone found that already: <>

I filed a bugreport that both events where there wile only 1 should be there (addsocket) from my mind
Since api2 events should be removed since 2019r2 ath the time. Perhaps it’s working with both events i’m not sure. Don’t know about 2020r1 if they are still both there

And another one:

ServerSocket AddSocket should not cause NilObjectException

Which causes app to freeze if you return nil in AddSocket or don’t implement it as you tried SocketRequested event.


I created this one because the SocketRequested event should not have been there, it was not removed from > 2019R2.0 Now it causes confusion.

Returning Nil should be possible from the AddSocket so i see it as a bug if it causes nilobjectexception.