ServerSocket Address in Use

What happens when a ServerSocket tries to listen to an Address in Use? In particular do I have to do something with the pool of sockets created?

if port is in use by other app, the listen will fail with error.

And sockets are created in the AddSocket event:

… and not create any any TCPSockets as it calls AddSocket the request times?

I trap ErrorCode 105 in the Error event but AddSocket is still called. Are these sockets being created and need to be destroyed, just have to be left to leak, never created, … ???

The sockets are created before the serversocket attempts to open the port, since it has to have them available in case it gets an immediate connection. So they are going to be created whether Listen is successful or not. Then they will be available in case some subsequent Listen succeeds. They technically don’t leak, but they may not be used. They will go away when the serversocket goes away. There’s not much overhead here, why is this a concern?