Serious RGBSurface Bug in iOS 2020R2.1 (case 63148 )

Here is all the code needed to reproduce:

//RGBSurface test
    Var testpic As New picture (100,100)
    testpic.Graphics.DrawingColor = &cA0B0C0  //chalky blue color
    testpic.Graphics.FillRectangle 0,0,100,100

Var ReadFromPicture As Color
ReadFromPicture = testpic.RGBSurface.pixel(20,20)

ReadFromPicture in debugger has value &cA0B000FF
Has lost the Blue component completely!!
also displays as white because the Alpha component is FF not 00

63148 - RGBSurface.pixel gives incorrect color on iOS

ps: I know Its Xmas. Already handled 20 support emails from my customers. Not expecting any reaction until 2021 … the mince pies are calling!


I agree, not sure what it is doing but you definitely don’t get the correct color out of the surface.

Just out of curiosity, is this just the simulator or are you seeing this on devices too? I ask because there’s a bug in the 14.3 simulator that looks a lot like what you’re describing…

Currently, I am completely unable to get a build onto any actual device since moving to 2020R2, so I can’t check that.
At the end of the build process, I always get a huge error message.

Its unlikely to have the same cause as the issue you quoted- this only happens when querying RGBSurface for me.
Certainly my nav bars and toolbars are not discoloured.

But I know at one point I did experiment with the settings for ‘File > GPU Selection > Prefer Integrated GPU’ without success

Hi Jeff,

Do you have a working example of RGBSurface working on IOS ? I am still not getting the correct colours back from pixel.

Do you have a working example of RGBSurface working on IOS

No, that’s more or less the point. It doesn’t work on iOS
To get the right color, I have to use a plugin.

Var gmpic As New GMImageMBS(pic)
var getcol as GMColormbs
var thiscol as Color

getcol = gmpic.pixelColor(rx,ry) 
thiscol = Color.RGB(getcol.redQuantum,getcol.greenQuantum,getcol.blueQuantum)

I’ve been asked if this only happens on the simulator.
Sadly, I have not yet been able to get my app onto a device - nothing that I have tried in terms of certs, licences, provisions, and kicking the dang machine will get me something that actually installs to a device.
I keep getting ‘unable to validate’ errors.
So I cant say if it is simulator only