Serious bug with Window.Visible=true

Has anyone found a workaround for this serious bug?

29657 - Xojo release 3 cannot set window.visible=true

You basically can’t rely on Window.Visible=true - so no hiding/showing palate windows when your application is deactivated/activated. This is really, really bad and I’m surprised that I can’t find any forum conversations that mention it. I’m back from a 2-month hiatus so I may be a little out of date…

You probably want to read since this has been reported & discussed already at some length

Yeah, I read that thread already. It’s the same bug, except that it can be triggered in a way not outlined in that post. No For…Next loop is needed; you can’t even do Window.Visible=true in App.Activate, for example. I’ve uploaded a minimal sample project to that bug report that demonstrates the issue.

This doesn’t appear to be the same issue as I reported before. In my report, I was complaining that that window.visible is slow (doesn’t run until the end of the event loop). In this new bug, there are cases where Window.visible doesn’t work at all.

This was already reported as <>

I’ll request a merge, in case they are the same.

Thanks, Michael. That is definitely the bug I’m reporting, and very likely the same bug overall.