SerialPort read/write parallel

Is it possible to write and read data from serial port in parallel? I’ve four sensors each connected to one serial port. Or have I to read/write one by one.

if each sensor have one plug then i think it should look like
4 com ports to open and read.

if 4 sensors are connected to end up with one plug then i think there
is a electronic to send the data on one com port
as example i would expect somehow sensor1;data=400;sensor2;data=100;

Each sensor has it’s own plug. That I have to open them in serial is ok, but is there no possibility to read/write in parallel?

Nope. Each port has it’s own hardware and it’s own address. And serial ports require hand shaking even at a minimum.

I’m not sure I follow what you’re trying to do. Serial I/O is asynchronous. You create a SerialConnection instance for each port and implement the DataReceived event. That will fire for each port as data comes in. They operate independently from each other.

what kind of sensors are you using?