SerialConnection.LineStateChanged understanding

I waited for 6 months so I could compile my Desktop app for the mac and when they get the bug fixed I find out that changing states of the lines do not invoke a LineStateChanged event - nothing … So I go back to sampling the states with event clock. Has anyone got this part to work?

Are you calling Reset after you change the line state?
Did you call RequestLineChangeNotification for those lines?

DVM_Serial.RequestLineChangeNotification(Serialconnection.LineStates.ClearToSend, _
Serialconnection.LineStates.DataCarrierDetect, _
Serialconnection.LineStates.DataSetReady, _
Serialconnection.LineStates.DataTerminalReady, _


Then I put a break in the LineStateChanged event - It triggers only on a RTS not on a DTR … I am not sure what I am looking at from the changedlines array

Yikes did I say something bad