Serial Port with Webpage?

I am looking at the webpage library and see the serial port. I am curious what are the possible uses for the port in conjunction with the webpage? Does this suggest that some interaction over internet can access the port for serial i/o to a device connected with USB?

You can only use it for the server. Not for clients in a browser.

So as an example, let’s say there was an app on a webserver that the webpage accessed remotely for the purposes of compiling code from a text file down to a binary for a processor to use, then returned the binary to the browser, could the browser automatically send the data over USB directly without having to first save the binary to the local drive?

As another example, could the webpage access a mysql db on a remote server to receive any number of bytes of data, then transmit the data out of the USB port.

you can:

  • Send from the browser (client) to the server with serial port.
  • Add a serial port to your “web server” machine wich has the device on it to with a serial connection.

You cannot:

  • Use a serial port on a client directly (unless it’s the same machine as the webserver).
  • Add a Serial port to a WebPage (i might be possible in the ide but it’s not possible to be used a client).

Basicly you can:
Browser -> do action -> manipulate server serial connection
Server serial -> send data back to client -> handle the data from the (Webpage) client -browser- side.