Serial Data Logger

I have been using a serial data logger that was built in real basic, I am now having to use it on a Mac Mini running Yosemite, there are issues with savings of path manes, my question is does anyone know how to fix this? or anyone know of a serial data logger for the Mac, this will read from the com port and write a csv file to a folder on the drive or network.

dunno what the code looks like so its hard to say whats up or what needs changing updating

what do the path names look like that are being used ?

The paths are basically //server/Documents, so I usually map them to the server but I can do it locally, this data logger has worked in the past but with Yosemite it doesn’t save, do you think just re-compiling will fix it and what could it cost to have it compiled?

Cant really say without more information.
Hard to know whats causing it.
Could be a 5 minute fix or something bigger.

I am not experienced in this language but I could be looking for someone who can build something like this, I use it for a few customers and it’s causing headaches, don’t know what it would cost, do you do this type of work?

When I have spare moments which are few & far between as I work pretty much full time for Xojo Inc :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend putting this on the Find a Xojo Developer page.

If you need something faster, you can always contact us at We’ve been doing Xojo consulting for 15 years or so.