Separator in WebMenuItem

Anyone? All I can find is using “—” or something lame like that. “-” seems to create a blank space, but anything for a line as separator?

MenuItem - Xojo Documentation

base.append(New MenuItem("Import"))
base.append(New MenuItem("Export"))
base.append(New MenuItem(MenuItem.TextSeparator))

base.append(New MenuItem("Cut"))
base.append(New MenuItem("Copy"))
base.append(New MenuItem("Paste"))

There’s currently no line drawn for the separator.

Thanks Paul - that is how you do it for desktop apps, but what I was looking for was for web apps (and therefore WebMenuItem).

Thanks Greg for the answer. Perhaps I will submit a feature request.

Added case 29417 - Request to add Separator feature for WebMenuItem

Well… there is a separator. You’re using it. It simply draws as a space rather than a line.

Yep - would like to have a line option.