Separator component?

I cannot find a separator component in Xojo, which allows you to resize 2 components arranged side by side with the mouse (a ListBox and a textArea for example).
How to do ?

You can take a look at @Jean-Yves_Pochez Git : GitHub - JYPochez/imSplitterAPI2: Canvas based splitter for Xojo desktop builds, modified for API2 and desktop controls

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You can also license the Window Splitter plugin from Einhugur.


Or IMSplitter which I use (updated to API2) which is free.

That’s what the first recommendation was, a fork of imSplitter that’s been updated for API 2. However, you get better performance and results (including platform native “handles”) from the Einhugur plugin.

The choice is up to the developer, but free doesn’t necessarily make something the better option.

You’re right. My mistake for not reading it carefully enough. Agree about the free/paid question, but nice to have the choice. I don’t charge for my app, since as a retired software engineer I’m just doing this as a hobby and to attempt to keep the brain sharp. So I don’t want an extra spend, although I purchased AppWrapper as it makes signing/notarising easy.