Sending Gmail with 2 Stage Verification turned on

My company uses gMail and is going to 2 Stage verification …

I have a Xojo app that uses the Xojo Email classes (using the email account for my department for everyome) test requests to us. The app has the username and password stored so they are not prompted for them. The App generates the test request from their input and automagically emails it to us

Google SEEMS to have a workaround for this type of situation… an “Application-specific password”

Has anybody had to use this to send email from an Xojo app? Can multiple people on different machines use this “Application specific password” at the same time?


  • Karen

Looks like it will cover your needs quite well. Plus you could use it to force version updates since you can generate a new application specific password with new versions and revoke the old ones as soon as you are ready.

Karen, the two step verification and app specific password work like a charm with gmail. I read your post about two weeks ago after running into a concrete wall for months, turned on two stage gmail verification, created the app specific password and can now send secure email from my PhimView software with no problems. Please note that I am only sending mail via the software, not receiving it.

Sending mail just requires that you insert the app specific password in place of your regular gmail password. That’s it. Works really well and what a relief!