Send media file to iPhone/iPad

I need to send a movie file to iPhone or iPad from within an OSX app.
Connecting such device to OSX does not show up in the Finder. Probably declares are needed.

Anyone any experience with this?

The iOS device will never be shown in the Finder, so that you can copy a file in a “simple” way.

  1. upload to App via iTunes
    enable iTunes FileSharing in your iOS app.

Enable File-Sharing Support: Add the UIFileSharingEnabled key to your app’s Info.plist file, and set the value of the key to YES

  1. iCloud Drive

  2. custom solution
    some iOS Apps have some kind of “build-in webserver” which you can connect to from your computer in order to upload/manages files within the app.

I already looked at 1) and this is doable but there are a lot of OSX apps that do not need iTunes to transfer movie/audio files to iDevices.
Not sure how they do this though. But I prefer this so if anyone can shed some light on this. :slight_smile:


  1. Seems to be for iOS apps. What I need is to send a movie/audio file to a iDevice from within an OSX app.
    Or did I understand your solution wrongly? :slight_smile:

Have you check the webinar?
ios file sharing
Or libimobiledevice

Not yet. Will do asap.


The iOS file sharing is definitely not what I need. But the libimobiledevice seems to be the one I was looking for.
But to be honest, not sure how to use this with Xojo.

Anyone has experience with this?

Compiling libimobiledevice with Homebrew works but it creates a dynamic binary so not distributable.
I tried with a RAM disk to compile a static version but it fails at several stages - even when I first compile all dependencies.

So the question remains … has anyone any luck compiling a static libimobiledevice binary for OSX?

something like this ?
Fixed file

I could write a plugin for this.
If you are interested, you can contact me.