Send Apple push notification using HTTP/2

We have a need to send Apple push notifications from a Xojo web project. As Apple is planing to end support for their ‘legacy binary HTTP1.1’ API by March 2021 - it means we should use the new API using HTTP/2.

Does anyone have any input how this can be achieved? Is there any support for HTTP/2 in Xojo or any plugin? Can one approach be to use curl (for example the CURLMBS plugin)? Is it possible to keep an open connection in this case or will each request happen on a new conneciton?

Apple also require clients to use header compression HPACK.

To, perhaps, make things easier - using certificate based (instead of token based) connection would be sufficient.

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You can load CURL library from official website with HTTP/2 built-in and use MBS Plugin to load and use it.

Or you let your server do it in a php/python script.