semi-solved but not explained - 2018r1 - printing seems not to work

Using 2018r1, simple printing code crashes the app.
A new empty app with this in a pushbutton action event:

[code]Dim g As Graphics
Dim p As PrinterSetup
p = New PrinterSetup

p.MaxHorizontalResolution = 600
p.MaxVerticalResolution = 600

g = OpenPrinterDialog§
g.TextSize = 64
If g <> Nil Then
g.DrawString(“Hello World”, 300, 300)
g.DrawOval(1200, 1200, 1200, 1200)
End If[/code]

The same code runs in 2016r4 and opens the print window and then prints the page.
But the project saved from 2018r1 will not work in 2016r4. I have to paste the code in a new project.
With 2018, I’m running in the debugger. I can’t afford to update my license untili I see printing work.

ldd shows no missing libraries for theXojo app, but I don’t know ow to check ldd for the debug app.
launching from the commandline, I get this error when the debug app crashes:

DebugMyApplication: /build/libproxy-GmlAuu/libproxy-0.4.11/libmodman/module_manager.hpp:58: std::vector<T*> libmodman::module_manager::get_extensions() const [with T = libproxy::network_extension]: Assertion `obj != __null' failed.

Can anyone print from 2018r1 for Linux?


What version of what linux distro are you trying this on?

Did this work for you during the alphas & betas?

Ah! sorry: Mint 18.2 with MATE.
I could only try the betas for a short time, my subscription ran out. I was focussed on other problems and didn’t try printing at that time.
Does it work for you?

[quote=383377:@Don Jungk]Using 2018r1, simple printing code crashes the app.
A new empty app with this in a pushbutton action event:

Can anyone print from 2018r1 for Linux?

Your code works here (Fedora 27 + Xojo 2018r1)

Works here on Mint 18.1 and Mint 18.2 - 64 bit Cinnamon

ubuntu 17.10 64 bit seems to work as well.

If I write the code in 2016r4 and open it in 2018r1, it fails. It also fails in 2017r3, but works with 2016r4.
If I write it and save it in 2018r1, it doesn’t work anywhere.
It would appear that the system is missing something, but what?
Jason, could you build the test app with 2018r1 and send it to me? Then I could run ldd on it to see if that will identify the missing part. I can’t build because my licesne expired a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your time,

I had never gotten Feedback to run and I remember one of the contributers here suggesting that it was because of the MATE desktop environment.
So I installed Cinnamon. Printing now does work, although with a resolution issue.
I’ll work with a bit to see if there are any other problems.

Thanks to everyone who answered,