Selling your first app


I am getting ready to sell my very first app online. What is your guidance on how to do this? What about sales tax? (That sounds like something that is pretty complicated from what I’ve been reading online.) Your thoughts and guidance would be greatly appreciated…


You may not sell that many, if for instance you are putting your app on your own web site with a Paypal button.

That said, if and when it picks up, you want to collect and remit sales tax in your home state, where there may be a threshold under which it is not necessary. Google is your friend to register. Or your CPA if you’ve got one.

Selling an app, you need to digitally sign it, to remove the pesky yellow warning on Windows. Check out Comodo, it is probably the best bargain today.

Selling your app means also making sure a demo is everywhere. A company such as will put it on every shareware repository under the sun for you.

If you are developing for Mac, the Mac App Store is a must. You will never have as much traction, even with appvisor.

Also, having a developer account means you get digital certificates to sign your app as well as access to the MAS for one year for the same price as the certificate alone for Windows. Check out App Wrapper at to easily sign.

If you develop for Windows, consider the Windows Store. It is not as popular as the MAS, but it yet has a lot of traction, as compared to a regular shareware/demoware.

Finally, if and when your app merits it, consider distributing it on CD on Amazon.

Thank you very much!! Wonderful information… Much appreciated! :slight_smile: