Self-Hosting News for June

Hi self-hosters!

I find myself working on Lifeboat this morning to add support for Ubuntu 24.04 and thought it worth mentioning a few of the things going on in the self-hosting universe since I no longer operate a blog :slight_smile:

CentOS 7 End of Life is June 30, 2024!

CentOS 7 reaches End of Life in the coming weeks, so start planning your move now! I haven’t really been in the CentOS sphere for a while, so I don’t have recommendations on where to migrate to. I’ve seen some YouTubers suggest alternatives like Alma or Rocky, but I don’t know enough about them to support them in Lifeboat.

Debian 10 End of Life is June 30, 2024!

Debian 10 reaches End of Life at the same time as CentOS 7. Thankfully, Debian is still active and supported, so a sane upgrade path exists. I found a Github gist with commands but I haven’t given it a try yet. I plan to upgrade myself later this month so I may report back with updates.

Lightsail Prices Have Increased

Amazon has increased the prices of all Lightsail tiers when using an IPv4 address, even if you aren’t using the reserved address feature. Almost anyone with an existing instance was affected by this, as IPv4 was historically included by default. To remove an IPv4 address and avoid this charge you will need to create a snapshot of the instance and create a new one. There is no easy “turn off IPv4” switch.

Ubuntu 24.04 is Now Available at DigitalOcean

The latest Ubuntu is available at DigitalOcean. I am working on adding support for it to Lifeboat today. As expected, Ubuntu requires additional workarounds (it happens every major release), reinforcing my preference for Debian. If you can, try to wait for 24.04.4 to be released, it apparently fixes the issue I got hung up on enough to write this post.

These are just some of the major things going on that I thought worth mentioning. Do you know of something else? Share it in this thread, I like to stay up to date!

Happy coding!