Selecting two words bad behaviors

To select the two words: Emile Schwarz, on macOS, I use (and in this forum too):

click at the left (or right) of one of the two words,
shift-option-arrow two times.

With Xojo 2018r1, I have to do that trice !

In 2013, I wrote “I am feeling insecure” using the Xojo Code Editor. Five years later (and I use it everyday, count them), this is still the case: I am always searching where the h**l is the text cursor…

Other non macOS selection are not koecher, but if no one talk about then since 2013…

Did you know that you can make the cursor more visible? Check out the system preferences -> Accessibility

??? Maybe this:

But if YOU don‘t understand what you are saying, then how are WE supposed to know?