Selecting/Recording audio/video from webcam sources

Unless I missed it, I didn’t see anything in the examples that come with Xojo, and there’s a couple of MBS samples, but they don’t seem to use Microsoft’s Media Foundation–which seems to be what MS says should be used nowadays?

Beyond the basics, I’d also appreciate any advice or warnings for the following:

  • Identifying/Selecting sources, like a laptop with a built-in webcam AND another better webcam connected via USB.
  • Recording TO multiple storage devices simultaneously (two different hard drives or an SSD and a hard drive)
  • Recording long clips–say about 8-hours non-stop.

Because of the last issue, I don’t think recording to memory (and then writing it to disk) is an option–I’ll need to flow the data straight to the drives (with maybe a buffer of some sort)… Should I start a new project using Media Foundation (and if so, are there any existing plugins?) or DirectShow or ???

Thoughts/advice/warnings appreciated!