Selecting multiple controls in TabPanel

How do you select multiple controls in a tab panel with having to Shift Click on each one you want to select?



Shift-Click Or drag select
Or select them one by one in the navigator using shift clicking

Wow, if you are using rb2012 you can click on a blank part of the tab panel, then click on a blank area of the window, then while holding down the shift key click and drag your mouse over the controls you want to select and they will be highlighted. This method doesn’t appear to work in xo.

how do i drag select?? norman.

is XOJO going to bring back the old method mention by Harry to select multiple controls inside tab panel??

I do like how i can select multiple control from the navigator on the left in XOJO.

Hold the mouse down & drag just like anything else

doing that just drag the whole tab panel

As far as I can tell there is no way to drag select in a tab panel in Xojo. This is a real pain when you want to move all controls just a little bit!


In my experience, the only way to drag and select is if the controls are in front of the tab panel. If they are behind the tab panel, then selecting selects the tab panel along with the controls. But, at least pre-Xojo, it was difficult to get them all on the same level.

Steve, I don’t see any way to change the level of the tab controls. If I drop a text control on the tab isn’t it in front of the tab? Also, clicking on the bring to front button did nothing. Still no way to multi select controls on a tab without clicking on each one. Must be another productivity killing design feature.

One way I found works “sometimes”… is to start your drag OUTSIDE the pagepanel and lasso the desired controls.
Of course if you have controls you DON’T want inside your lasso… that is a problem

I haven’t found anyway to drag select on a panel either and IT IS A REAL PAIN! Ditto Richard about … want to move all controls just a little bit!

I only know that I have stumbled on to occasions where it did work. I can’t figure it out either, but I can click on each one faster than I can take the time to understand how this feature works. I’m not lazy enough to be a good programmer…