Selecting listbox items with the keyboard (OSX)


I’m wondering if anyone has an easy solution for listbox multiple selection using the keyboard on OSX. The default listbox selection behavior doesn’t match OSX’s selection behavior. Let’s say I have a row selected and then I press shift-down a couple times to select the two rows beneath. Then, I press shift-up. If I do this in the Finder, it will deselect the last row. In a Xojo listbox, however, it will select the row above the first selected row. I know I can implement this behavior in the listbox keydown event. But I’d rather not reinvent the wheel if there’s a known solution for this out there already.


I too saw this strange behavior.

Note that in the Code Editor, there are also some other strange behaviors.

BTW: no I do not know.

I’m sure that with some fiddling it can be handled in the keydown event but it’s strange behavior indeed. And I can’t think of any reason that this was done on purpose.
Was there ever a bug report filed for this?

edit: Yesterday: <> and <>

The listbox is not a native control. Everything (drawing, selecting, keyboard, etc.) is done by the Xojo framework.

Of course. I realize that.
I’m not sure how that would explain why the selecting was implemented that way though.

Whats the odds that we find this problem in osx and windows at almost the same time?

I see that the problems have already been verified on feedback, hopefully it’ll be a quick fix

I’m just going to ignore it for now, carry on with development and hope that it gets sorted in a later release of the framework.

Another strange behavior:

when on the desktop, a click in the window’s Listbox set the clicked Row, the selected Row.

On OS X, doing that in a Finder’s window does not select the “clicked” item.