SelectColor crashes on macOS Catalina latest beta

The following code, added to a PushButton.Action or any other event:

[code]Dim c As Color

Call SelectColor(c, “Select a Color”)[/code]

will make the app crash if you open the color chooser for the second time. I am using Catalina Developer Beta 6. Unfortunately this affects all my apps. Can anyone confirm this?

And what can I do now?

  • Wait and hope that Apple or Xojo will fix that for the final Release?
  • Report this to Xojo?
  • Report this to Apple?

Nope, works fine. Using the almost latest beta of Xojo.

Hmm, I am using 2019 Release 1, will try this with 1.1 and the latest beta, if I will be able to download it.

I have downloaded the latest Xojo Beta and the bug still occurs here. Beatrix, did you really click twice on the button? On the first time, the color chooser appears correctly but on the second time the crash occurs.

I confirm : “On the first time, the color chooser appears correctly but on the second time the crash occurs.”
Crash with 2019R1, R2 beta45
But no crash with 2018R1.

Sorry, my bad. I only clicked once.

You can do both a Feedback case with Xojo and with Apple.

I have created a bug report for Xojo. feedback://showreport?report_id=57211 I don’t know how to do that for Apple / macOS Catalina.

Hi Yves, the Apple system is heavily improved over the old RADAR system. Check this link:

Apple Feedback Assistant

@Tim Jones: what do you think is an improvement? The interface is just as bad as before.

I logged a Feedback report on this issue on August 2nd and that report has been closed.

Feedback Case #57211 is not available.

Any comment from Xojo?

Has this been identified as an Apple or Xojo issue?

I need to release and I’d really like to get this sorted out before doing so.

It’s been fixed in the next version of Xojo.

OK, thanks, Greg.

I hope this will happen in time so we can be ready for the Catalina release.

My app is useless with this bug. :frowning: