Select query with embedded if

Trying to get the following query to run but keep getting an error.

Select field1, field2, if(length(field3) >10,“Red”, “Black”) as misc from table1

I want the 3rd field of the resulting query to be based on the length of field3


What DB backend? What error?

What database engine are you using? Is “length” the correct function? SQL server I think uses Len for example.

I also tried “len”

I heard it was an ancient SQLite, so maybe this works there

SELECT field1, field2, CASE WHEN LENGTH(field3) > 10 THEN 'Red' ELSE 'Black' END AS misc FROM table1

length(field3) as misc works

it fails when I include the “if”

Rick, trying it now…

Alternatively try “iif” function. Short for inline if. That’s supposed to work with SQLite but I’m not sure which version it started with.


Thanks for your interest and quick response.

Rick A - Thanks!! it worked.

I’ve been using my REALSQLdb for many many years. Maybe it’s time to investigate an upgrade.


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SQLite is the engine behind RealSQLdb. It would likely be a direct replacement.

Will start looking into updating today