Select Font Dialog

am I missing it?

I cannot find a way to open/select font properties,

Select the object(label or whatever) and scroll all the way down in the Inspector :slight_smile:
Hope that’s what you mean.

The Inspector is horrible and so are the slide controls under appearance. Preferred the simple tick selection method from the realstudio IDE :frowning:

Nope… I mean for my application to use

like this in OSX

So my application can allow the user to choose Font information

just like there is OpenSaveDialog, and Color Dialog

We have NSFontPanelMBS in our plugins.

Thats nice… but since this forum doesn’t allow signatures… I cannot remind people that plug-ins are not an acceptable solution
My opinion, my code, my issue.

RBtoolkit also has a call for this, not a plugin, but a library for Xojo

Like Dave posted, much easier to use the ColorDialog call in Xojo

Well, even if you get the dialog shown, it’s a lot of work to live with the results. You get back cocoa fonts and you have to translate to what Xojo uses.