Select all controls on a PagePanel

How do I select all controls on a PagePanel with the mouse in any other way than by clicking each individual item?

The most obvious answer can be: select all (cmd-a or ctrl-a) can do the trick (if you want to select everything…

Correct answer can be:
Like how you select many items in the Finder (if ytou are on OS X) / like you select many items in a vectorial drawing software:

click at some place in the window,
move the mouse in direction of the group of items you want to select,

then you know how to select many items.

After that, if they are some missing items, press the shift key and click in the items to add to the selection…
“-----------------------” some items you do not want, press press the shift key and click in the items to remove from the selection…

If this is unclear, try it and eventually re-ask the question.

I think he’s asking on selecting the all the items in a pagepanel. If you do what you say when you click hold drag within the pagepanel it moves… if you lock the page panel still can’t select items in the page panel.

The only way I know of is click drag selection just outside the page panel - dragging a selection box around the entire page panel. Then shift click on the page panel only and all the items in that page panel should be selected.

I do it the same way in which Rob does it.

Yep, what Rob suggests also works for me. Same goes for groupboxes. I never noticed because in Win7 there is no visual indication of the change in selected state of the controls on the page, after click-dragging the box around the pagepanel. BTW, It appears that the box rectangle needs only to contain or touch the items to be selected, as long as the mouse down location is outside pagepanel or groupbox.

Thanks for your replies.