Segmented Control Display Issues

I am encountering issues with how the segmented control is being displayed on programs compiled with Xojo 2013 R1. I have confirmed it on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit as well as Windows XP. When you click on the segmented control, the entire control disappears. After releasing the mouse button, the segments whose selection state has changed reappear, but the remaining buttons remain hidden. The control is otherwise functioning properly even if you click on the sections that are not displayed.

I haven’t heard of this. Please create a Feedback case with an example project so we can look into it.

The feedback system within Xojo does not appear to be working for me. It gives me the following error: “Communication with the Feedback master server has failed. The Feedback API responded in an unexpected manner. No further details are available.” Is there an alternate way to access Feedback?

You may not have the current version of Feedback, which is 2.0.0 build 163. Visit to download it.