Segment button and constants

This project worked ok until I saved and re-loaded.
I posted as a feddback issue but maybe someone could find why it crashes.

If you write the code in a new project it will work until you save, close and re-load.

Super weird. I started removing the code until the crash stopped. That was after removing the segmented button. Then I added the code back by doing undo. And now the crash is gone.

But did you save, close, and then reload?


The issue starts after loading the project.
I typed all the code in a new project from scratch: it works, then
Saved: it works, then
Close the project, load the project and run: it crashes

I just tried again. And yes, after reloading the crash occurs again.

Xojo Feedback answer:
case #66065. »Status changed from ‘Needs Review’ to ‘Reproducible’.

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my guess is the binary enumeration. What’s the reason of using binary enumeration ?

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