SegControl icons not working from Windows?

OK, just started my very first Xojo Web project and immediately hit the brick-wall Xojo never fails to deliver!

For a quick and dirty project I actually planned to use Xojo Web. This is a simple one WebPage app and I wanted to have a Segmented Control with four segments and icons on each segment. All looks good in the IDE (on Windows) but when running the web app (standalone on Windows) I don’t get any icons. Have tried every browser and iOS-device I have.

Moving the project to Mac and run it there and I see the icons both in the IDE and when running the application. But when compiling on the Mac for Windows, the icons are missing again.

Is this lack of love for the Windows platform or am I missing something obvious? <> includes my project.

Using 2016r2.1 on both Mac and Windows.

I don’t recall this having been reported before and it surely is bizarre.

When you run on the Mac, if you connect from a Windows browser do you have the icons then?

Do you have the retina/HiDPI switch on or off?


You are not missing anything. It is simply a very real bug. I never use the WebSegmentedControl, and you seem to be the first to stumble on that one.

I looked at the DOM. The pictures are simply not there.

The simplest workaround I can think of would be to use styled ImageViews placed next to each other, possibly in a WebContainer. With styles, you can approximate very closely the WebSegmentedControl.

Yeah, I saw that too in the Event.Open JSON - no images when running from Windows.

Sigh… Since I need to do this project on-site next week it looks like I will have to use another solution to present the interface.
My Mac is a Mac Mini that I can’t bring on-site and my target system is a Raspberry Pi that will do measurements.

Tried both settings for HiDPI.

OK - found a work-around. It works on Windows if there are no spaces in the path to where the project is located.
I can now run the project from the IDE and see the images. The compile to Linux ARM also works as expected. I’ll update the FB case.

@Greg O’Lone and @Michel Bujardet :
thanks for your help and feedback.

Gone coding!

@Mattias Sandström - This still sounds like a bug. Is it the project path or the built app path that was the problem?

Project path.

Ok. I narrowed down the bug, filed a new one and closed yours as a duplicate of that case. The problem actually lies in the CopyFilesStep not handling diacriticals properly. Your images were not being copied to the Resources folder.

Thanks Greg!