Seeking testers for Spotlight importer

Real Studio and Xojo until about 2013 used to include a Spotlight importer that would allow a Mac user to search their projects with Spotlight.

Recently, Xojo has decided not to include that importer any more. So I’ve made an effort to update it (it was written by me, anyway) to support both Real Studio and current Xojo projects, in all their flavors (binary, textual, xml).

Before I release it publically, I like to have some users at least do some quick tests to make sure it actually works as intended.

I need users who have installed Xojo only in 2014 or later, to make sure they currently have no Spotlight support. To check this, simply use Spotlight to search for a unique word (e.g. a method name) that appears in one or more of your projects and see if Spotlight lists those projects. If Spotlight doesn’t find it, then my Spotlight importer should add support for this: Please download it from here and follow the included instructions, then let me know in this conversation how it works out.

Thank you Thomas

And the worst part: If one creates it, it gets ignored - half way: While “mdimport -L” lists the importer, the types registry (“lsregister -dump”) does not read the importer’s types, so the importer won’t be called for the binary files. Sigh.

So, anyone testing this should make sure to install it in /Library/Spotlight and not inside the home folder. I’ll update the docs occordingly.

Works great Thomas. I’ve missed this. Very handy and I didn’t realize why it stopped working. Now I know who to thank.

Thank you. :smiley:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work right with binary projects, due to the latest IDE (2015r3) not exporting its UTIs. I’m still fighting around that, but either I get it working with previous IDEs or with the latest, but not both yet. And Apple’s docs are no help, there is a lot of information missing to make sense of it all. Arghhh.

I’ll second this
Its really lacking in docs

Whew, spent another 8 hours on this pesky little thing. Should be working now with all types (well, there’s always an exception to the rule: .rbw files are claimed as Ruby files and thus cannot be scanned by the importer, unless one fiddles with the LS registry, which I don’t know how for this case.)

See here:

Oh my … looks like it imports the old binary files (.rbp, .rbo etc.) but not the new extensions (xojo_binary_project etc.) here on my 3rd test machine, though it worked on my other two. Geez! This is such a pain.

(The 3rd machine is special in the way that it has no Xojo IDE installed - which is practically the same as having ever only installed the 2015r3 version as it lacks the necessary type declarations that this importer relies on)

False alarm. That was caused by a lingering “bad” UTI I still had on that Mac for testing previously. Won’t happen on “normal” systems.