Securloginexample showing but fails on SSL

We purchased the Xojo Cloud hosting, just to get an easy deployment. I am trying to get a demo app running. I used the Securloginexample from the examples. It runs but it gives this error:

“This is the main page for your web app. In order to test secure login, you need to deploy this app on a server with an installed SSL certificate.”

When I press the Login button, nothing happens…

How can I get this to work with a valid SSL certificate? I was under the impression, the Cloud service provide a certificate and at least working examples…?


This page may help with this:

If you have a domain, you can post it here and I will take a look for you.

Hi Jason,

This is the url:

Hi Wim - Ok, I replied to your email about this but it basically said that, for https, you’ll need to get your own domain and point it at your Xojo Cloud ip address. is for testing apps or for apps that don’t need to be https.

I’m sorry? really don’t understand how this should be installed to a workable situation. In the Xojo Cloud control panel, there is a checkbox where you can enable SSL. The domain:, shows there is a certificate, but somewhere somehow, it is not ‘connected’ to the app? Is there some kind of instructions / tutorial how to set things up from our server so we have a url that shows a running HTTPS secured app that runs on Xojo Cloud? We have a managed Centos Linux server.

Hi Wim - I’ve also been replying to Piet via email (for this server) so I will email more details now.