Secure WebService

Hi, I’ve made a webservice for my internal company files transfer, and it’s working flawlessly. The issue is that when I try to use it with secure socket (–secureport=8081, for example) everything in the service works well, but the files download is truncated with no reason (it only happens when I try to download large files, something superior to 1MB, the smaller files goes well). Is it because I’m using a self-signed certificate?

To reproduce the error is simple:

Just start a new Web Application, create a self-signed certificate, paste this code in the HandleSpecialURL Event:

Request.File = GetFolderItem(“some large file, superior to 1MB”)
Return True

and start the application with the --securesocket=8081 (or any other port You want).

Then, when You try to navigate to https://your ip:8081/api/ the file starts to download. If the file is larger than 1MB, the file is truncated.

PS.: If You navigate trough the unsecure port in the same sevrice, or navigate locally in the same machine of the service, the file downloads well, even if You use the secure port locally.

Sorry about my english,

Thanks for the help,

Sandro R. Correa