Sections of a Window

In laying out my window, I’d like to have an interface function a little bit like Unity3D: Different sections that can be added to and resized as needed.

Take a look at an example image below (old, I know.). The user can slide the sides of the panels to make them bigger/smaller both up and down. Basically it looks like a bunch of resizable frames of which I can put controls in.

Can you point me in the right direction on how to set something like that up?


There are various Sliders available for Xojo (most mentioned elsewhere on this forum)… The are not real difficult to implement
a canvas,

Thanks Dave.

I didn’t find anything by searching other than slider controls. Any other term I should be using? Frame? Panel? doesn’t really yield anything either.

I believe you’re describing a splitter.

A splitter… and container controls. Each section you show above could be a separate “control”. The best part of which is that you can add and remove them at runtime.

Fairly old but still working: .

I use the WindowSplitter from Einhugur ( — but it is not free.

Here’s mine which I developed before I worked at Xojo. It’s been updated for use with Xojo, but should work equally well with REALStudio.

Thanks everyone!!