Searching this Forum

Is there a way to search this new forum? I can’t find any such button, field, etc.

Top right (under “New Conversation”)

Correct - it’s under the New Conversation button, but it’s not available when you’re inside a conversation. From the home page, it says “Filter conversations.” Once you’re in a conversation it switches to “Search within this conversation.”

OK. Thanks. I guess I’ll stick with the NUG. :slight_smile:

To each his/her own. I wasn’t a fan of this forum software at first but now I like it MUCH better than either the NUG or the old forum. Then again, I tend to be more of a forum kind of person. :slight_smile:

But IIUC, this search function is useless. I can see what was said in this conversation. I wanted to search the entire Forum to see if my issue had been addressed anywhere else. That option is not available, right?

Sure you can. In the main view, you search (“filter”) all conversations. You can further drill down to a single channel or group of channels. It seems a lot more powerful than the old forum or even the NUG.

Edit: it is different from the old forum in that you don’t immediately see the matching posts, but there you still had to click through to get the context, and you had to skip over a bunch of duplicate hits on the same thread. I like this way better. One improvement I would make would be after you search/filter the conversations, when you clicked into a conversation it would highlight the matching terms.

Thanks, Tim. Guess I need to play with this awhile before I go needlessly bitching. :slight_smile:
There doesn’t seem to be much activity on the NUG lately. I wonder what’s gonna happen there?

Like Tim said, you can search, just not from inside a conversation. And yes, highlighting matching terms would be nice but not having so many duplicate hits on the same thread is SO GOOD.