Searching in the documentation

I am starting to understand why newbies often ask easy to answer questions.

When I read that, I usually think: “This is in the documentation”.

Earlier today, I wasted time tosearch a way to automate - in a SaveAsDialog - Paste text from the Clipboard, then Press the Save button.
BTW: I do not say how many times it tooks me to get that idea (the HowTo part / design time).

After a long nap, I awoke with “DoCommand("Paste")” idea in mind.

“No problem Emile, just search in the documentation” (after trying to use DoCommand("Paste"). I let you imagine the time I spent to found that in the documentation ( to finally firing FireFox and create a new conversation, then explaining my problem, how I wanted to solve it and…

I recall that the Dialog part of SaveAsDialog is not mandatory.

I cleared my text and wrote this one instead.

To solve this problem, you have to walk a mile on my shoes (how can you think to write an answer to this problem if you do not have this problem ?).

You cannot imagine the wasted time to achive the process manually vs the automatized process: imagine a command text file with 50 to 100 lines… Less than a minute to achive the automatized process and… an hour the complete manual process ?

Now, I have to implement the non dialog part… and read your thoughs.