SearchField - delay between entry and TextChanged event being fired

Hi, looking at the new Xojo built in SearchField object. Is there a way to delay the firing of the TextChanged event so that the user has the chance to enter a number of characters in to the search field before the event is fired - it seems to fire at every keystroke. I don’t think there is, but thought I’d ask… Tia.

Hi @David_Yeaman,

There is not option to set a delay; but you can implement the Pressed event instead. In that case you’ll receive the full search string when the user hits the return key.

In addition, you can “simulate” a delay in the TextChanged event putting this piece of code (for example). In this case you can do the search task every four characteres:

If Me.Text.Length Mod 4 = 0 Then
  Label1.Text = Me.Text
End If
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