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If I want to search conversations that must have all of several words, e.g. “Lennox” and “Jacob” and “marquee” how do I do that?



At the above link, the Google “site:” command is mentioned. This is my standard search tool, and it works well for the most popular Internet forums based on PHPBB. But this forum is not PHPBB. Apparently, esoTalk and Google don’t get along well.

What do you mean ? I use all the time, and it does not return anything but this forum.

Otherwise, you may try

Since you are looking for a specific person, one of the following queries on the search bar within the forum may help:

#contributor:287315 marquee

#contributor:169495 marquee

I guess you are looking for things where you yourself posted, so you should use
#contributor:169495 marquee

If you want to see your own contributions, you can always do so from your profile page, activity.

Thanks, but it did not work for me.


What do you mean ?

site: Lennox AND Jacob AND marquee


This gives 1 link site: Lennox AND Jacob AND marquee
This gives 0 links site: Lennox AND Jacob AND Command-Shift-4


[quote=310619:@Lennox Jacob]
This gives 1 link site: Lennox AND Jacob AND marquee [/quote]

Then it is probably the only site on which it occurs.



Keep in mind that you have to give Google time to crawl the forum to find new posts. Not everything here is indexed on Google right away, but it’s ability to find and return results is a little better than the internal system.

@Lennox Jacob
Did u search using the forum search tool using the parameters I posted? I see several posts with your name as a contributor and the word marquee on them.

I copied the link here in case u still can’t get to it

Linlink textk

Thanks Langue,

I got the now.

Thanks again.