Search (Google vs. duckduckgo

Just searched for “Xojo” at google and duckduckgo.

Google results start with an ad from Xojo (perfectly reasonable) and then an ad for some other development tool. And then an entry for Xojo that matches the ad.

duckduckgo: an entry from Xojo, a wikipedia article about Xojo, Xojo tools from Excel software.

Basically, duckduckgo looks like it might be giving better (as in more relevant) results. I’ll try some more test when I’m actually looking for something serious.

Have seen many complaints about Google’s search results getting worse over the last few years by users of different forums.


Google is getting worse and worse and worse. Say you type +Xojo +Dictionary. It’s pretty clear that you want the two words be found. Things is Google will return Xojo alone without Dictionary, and Dictionary alone without Xojo. What a search engine :nauseated_face:. If you quote your search terms, Google will act as if the terms are not quoted. The bottom line is:

  • Google returns too much links, what you look for is hidden amongst the returned results
  • duckduckgo may not return a relevant link that would yelp you

Google is a joke, period.


@Gilles_Plante : why are you using the plus operator? That’s been removed for over 10 years. See Google Removes The + Search Command

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This explains that. The post says Google removed it silently… they never heard me barking :upside_down_face:. Using the quotes for different purposes is a non sense.

I am not a fan of duckduckgo, and prefer Google. Duckduck go searches may be tracked by other companies.