Search field in Open file dialog not working properly

Hi all,

I have a complaint from one of our testers that search field does not work properly in open file dialog.
We tested this with XOJO 2015R4 and 2016R1 on OSX 10.11.4.

I have attached a link to a small project as an example.
Example project

To replicate the problematic behavior do the following:

  • Load the project in XOJO
  • Start the app, and choose “File”->“Save” and save the file (e.g. as AAA in Documents)
  • Choose “File”->“Open”, and navigate to the folder where you saved the file
  • Type the name of the saved file in Search field in top right of the window
  • Expected: File shown n the file list
  • Outcome: There are no results shown in the file list

This could or not be it, but Apple’s “search” has been erratic since Yosemite. It used to work directly off the HFS disk, but now it’s related to Spotlight and many times when you save it misses a Spotlight index.

So this may not be Xojo related but OS-related.