Search do not found !

My fault: I had to change some words and replace them by another…

a. Fortunately, I do use (lways use) ASCII characters for references, words with diacritical characters only in Strings or Comments.

b. Unfortunately, and I checked with Xojo 2017r3, a search for Bénévole returns nothing BUT it was false.

As I started to make some testings on Windows, running the software there, I discovered one occurence in a string (contextual help displayed in a Label).

And now, because I duplicate a window to add another one “similar”, I discovered another occurence of that word. I replaced it, made a global search in the IDE that leads nothing, and when I started to modify my code to its new purpose, I discovers another (!) one *. Imagine how happy I was :frowning:

I tested with Xojo 2017r3 and it does not report the word I have in front of my eyes (in a Comment line).

I hope your Easter was better than mine.

  • Nota: I exported the project using xml, loading it with TextEdit, issue a search there and found another another one.

Another sympatical thing is the developer web site: try to load some Release Notes in different tabs and cry **.

** Cry baby cry
Make your mother sigh

The Beatles, White Album, 1968.

I found three more occurences of that word in the xml !!!
The Finder is not able to find any in the project file (I think it does not search inside the project file…) go figure.

Also: made a search in TextEdit, then switch to Xojo, made another search there, go back to TextEdit and you will get the Xojo search string. What a shame !

Emile<->English translation:

Can anyone else find “Bnvole” in a project using search?

Working fine for me.

Just in case I wa not clear:

I wrote Bnvole, and I then have to change it. (now, you can try to search word with characters whose value is > 127).

Using both Xojo versions 2015r1 and Z017r3 (current): none of the four occurences present in the project were found with Xojo search feature.

That Project size is < 15MB.

I do not understand :frowning:

Julian, Wayne: thank you for your answers.

Wayne: after closing the Tab (in Firefox), a question arise: how is it possible…

After 35 minutes, I powered off my MacBook Pro, reboot and only fired Xojo (2015r1).

Result: I found occurences of “Bénévoles”. So something happens when the memory is low (Firefox is running).

Developer: do you run Xojo only or do you run other application(s) ?

PS: I have 8GB of installed RAM / i5, SSD.