Scrum software

Does anyone have a recommendation for Scrum software, either subscription-based or self-installed?

I am fond of Atlassian’s stuff. Is there something in particular you were looking for feature wise?

Hi Kem,

I use Atlassian JIRA with Confluence and Stash in a HP Microserver and works awesomely good for solo or small team. It’s $10 each and goes for charity. Highly recommended :slight_smile:

Nothing in particular, just exploring ideas right now.

One more shout out for Atlassian’s tools.

We use SVN and an in-house system for our PICK development but found it inadequate for our Visual Studio work. We switched over to Bitbucket and JIRA for our Visual Studio work and have been quite happy with it.

Does the JIRA Agile (scrum) give you the ability to see velocity anywhere? It’d be nice to be able to see individual user velocity as well as the spring velocity. I can’t seem to find it.

there is a way. not sure if it a base product option or if you need an add-on.

I have been unable to find it so far and the team velocity is a key scrum component. Not sure why it’s hiding, it should be a metric that is shoved in your face and hard to get away from?