Scrollwheel changing combobox when scrolling in a window

In Windows 10, there is a feature that allows you to use the scrollwheel on a window that doesn’t have focus.

The side effect of this is that you can mouse over a combobox and use the scrollwheel to change its values. An additional side effect is that if you have a combobox in a window that can scroll, there is a chance that the user can inadvertently mousewheel over the combobox and change its value if it happens to line up with the mouse. An example of this can be see in the Xojo inspector here:

What would be ideal would be for the combobox to ignore the mousewheel event and let the window scroll happen. Like this:

I’ve put together a simple example showing how to do this, if you want to modify it even further or add it to your custom combobox control feel free. It’s something that might not be that well known and it could leave your users frustrated that a value has changed.