scrolling webpage

Hello everyone

I’ve been using realbasic quite alot when I was in high school. Now I’m coming back to it and
I still like the application quite a lot.

Right now I’m developing a simple solution for architects to budget their projects based
on Xojo web. I have already gotten quite far but I’m struggling with the following issue:

The whole application is based more or less on weblistbox. There I create the whole
budget structure, subtotal etcs. and style it via webstyles.

Obviously this list can get pretty long and I’d like to print this list via browser.

Now my question: How is it possible to activate the scrolling of the page so
that my browser can print the whole listbox (which is scaled to length of
the whole list).

So far it seems that the application has a fixed height (which is not really
natural for a webpage).

Does anybody know how to circumvent this?

Thanks and kind regards

Well, the issue is that it’s not really a web page, it’s a web application. That being said, you could create another page just for printing purposes which doesn’t use a listbox and just create all of the rows using labels, on the fly and have the users print that.

Or you can set the WebPage.Height to a size larger than the viewable page. The whole page will scroll and print better now.

Hello David
Sorry, a bit late. Thanks for your reply, I came up with the same solution.

I am creating controls on the fly and needed to see the scroll bars so that the user can scroll down if more controls were created than would display. However, setting Height did not do it for me. I had to set MinHeight (and in my case MinWidth also) in order to have the scroll bars properly scaled to show all that was on the page. However, thanks for getting me on the right track.