Scrolling View or Canvas in iOS

Is it possible to build a scrolling view in xojo iOS, or do I have to limit my Canvas to the size of the screen?

There is no scrolling view yet in Xojo iOS.

I have used scrolling inside the canvas to present users with that possibility, though.

Michel, thanks for your quick reply. What approach do you use to provide scrolling inside the canvas? Is it a native iOS approach or some kind of simulation? I’ve been experimenting with using progress bars to act as scroll bars to create pseudo-scroll coordinates, but this is not a very good approach from a user perspective.

Thanks for any suggestion you have.


I think you should wait for a native solution. My bet is this will be added pretty soon.

There are two possibilities :

  • Scroll the canvas itself. I have posted a quick proof of concept called Scroller in
  • Scroll the content of the canvas. That is what I elected to do in my app, that shows a letter, and when the user swipes, it goes to the next or preceding one in the alphabet. A, b,c,d,e,f,g. It is based on catching PointerDrag and moving the content according to where the user put his finger down (PointerDown) and where it is in PointerDrag. I just redraw the content left or right.

Since it is not in 2014R3.1, one can only hope it will be in 2015 R1. But for all I know, it could very well be released on March 31. That is pretty soon three months away :wink:

There was that interesting project Jim McKay had released during beta that was doing scrollable view, but it has been broken since. Maybe Jim will release a new version ?

Fingers crossed an Alpha is released soon. :wink:

Not everybody is as lucky as you are. :wink: The OP is neither Alpha or Beta tester, so I thought preferable to talk about public release.

Anyway, an alpha is a pretty shaky option for a release, so it is usually better to explore already working solutions, before final release.

I created a Feedback case requesting a way of creating scrolling detail views in iOS:


I couldn’t find another case requesting this, but if there is one that I should be assigning my points to then do please let me know!

I just added 37471 - iOS add support for ScrollView

Please add support for scrollable view.


Because “Scrollview” did not lead any result…

Maybe it should be merged with 37340 just posted by Tom.