Scrolling Desktop Containers

Hi All,

As in my previous thread, Albin has taught me how to scroll web containers It is just simply creating “data containers” inside a “holding container”.

But it doesn’t seem to work the same in a desktop app. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

For desktop you can embed a containercontrol on a canvas.
I used this in a desktop project, it works but I still have some problems with the redraw of the label-control on Windows. On Mac it works really nice.

Okay… so I have to add a Vertical Scroll Bar and calculate everything by myself. Just wondering if it can work like webcontainer that Xojo does the magic for me…

I’ve made myself a containercontrol called CC_scroller, having a canvas and a scrollbar. It has a property to throw antoher containercontrol , let’s say a form, on it.
If you have troubles making this, I can provide you some code.

The magic comes from HTML. Desktop has no equivalent. The best you can do is create your own class so you can reuse it.

Thanks all