Scrollbars transparent?!

Anyone else seeing that xojo scrollbars are transparent under darkmode?

Create xojo desktop app, add vertical and horizontal scrollbars. Add an image control, add an image to the image control, and have it overlay the scrollbars.

Under Light mode, scrollbars are “on top” (this is not a z-order problem) however under Dark mode, the scrollbars are transparent (or translucent).

This looks wrong!


Xojo uses the Apple controls for Scrollbars, how they display is Apple’s decision and not Xojo’s.

If you want overlay scrollbars all the time, the code for that is included as part of the App Kit I sell.

Thanks Sam, appreciate the reply.

It still looks like amateur coding to me :wink:

It’s not just scrollbars, most of the controls are translucent in dark mode.

Overlapping controls has always been something to avoid for best results on Windows, but now we need to avoid overlapping controls for macOS as well.

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Hey Tim, agreed. Just means having to encapsulate scrolling content into another container to clip. Or moving the scrollbar outside of the container in my case. Either way, no rest for the wicked.

You may get the NSScrollerMBS object and set scrollerStyle to NSScrollerStyleOverlay.
With MBS Xojo Plugins.

Same behavior on both platforms ? I love that !