Scrollbar's scrub colour?

is it possible to change a listbox’s scrollbar scrub colour, so that it matches that of a text area?
Due to the listbox being non native, it displays the scrub as light grey, whereas the text area (which I believe is native) displays a dark grey scrub.

Thank you all in advance.

It appears that the dark grey is when the scrollbar is focused. On recent Mac systems a texfield shows the scrollbar knob only when scroll occurs, so it is dark. If you hover over a listbox scrollbar, you will see the same dark grey when the cursor is on the scrollbar.

I posted a while ago a pure Xojo snippet for a custom scrollbar where colors can be changed to anything you want :"color+scrollbar+solution"

I have no doubt that some brilliant declare will instantly render that obsolete, as usual. I should stop trying :frowning:

Thanks for the info Michel - yes, when the cursor is over the actual scrub, it does indeed turn dark.
I will take a look at the link you posted.

Thank you :slight_smile: