ScrollBars Dont Appear Native

On mac os the scrollbars are not visible until I scroll on my trackpad and they appear. The Xojo scrollbars are always visible on my custom controls. Does this imply they are not native or am I missing something?

They are native, but a scroll view is needed in order to get the overlay scroller behavior. See case #16134.

Right, pity. I’ll have to leave them as is for now then… Thanks

It’s funny, I would have never noticed that behavior since the first thing I do for my Macs, and all my clients, is to make sure the scrollbars show up “always”. Hiding valuable information (like the existence of more information than the screen will fit) is a negative trend in Apple’s UI development, one I that I hope goes away. (Sadly, it probably won’t.)

I think (Apple) they only started doing it in the last year or so. I just hate non-native looking controls. Like the search field. I have had to make my own but I am not really happy with it (no focus ring). I think it looks out of date if you are not using the current OS controls and even though subtle is subconsciously noticeable.

There are native search fields (MBS and MacOSLib both implement this), but I’m not aware of one that would work in a cross-platform way, and that makes it tough to implement if your app is x-platform.

Overlay scrollers appeared in 10.7.

I’ll have a look in MacOSLib for the searchfield. I am not x-platform at the moment, Mac only so I can cope for now. Thanks Kem