ScrollBar to set a timer?


I am trying to write my first Xojo app to run on the Raspberry PI and I could use a little advice. I have the UI designed but can’t figure out if my design is the best way to go about solving my problem. What I have is 5 ScrollBars each set to 0-60 and a button Start and Stop button. I would like the program to light 5 LEDs one at a time based on an individual ScrollBar. So Scrollbar one is set to 45 and LED 1 lights for 45 mins and then it progresses to ScrollBar two and the next LED lights for its set duration and so on. The Start button starts the process and the Stop button interrupts it and stops it if necessary. In other similar projects on different IIDEs I would get the variable from a ScrollBar and use IF Then Else statements to progress through the script. With Xojo I am not sure how to get the scrollbar variable, and then progress to the next Scrollbar. Do I use an event for each ScrollBar and within it call the next Scrollbar? If so How do you progress to the next ScrollBar? I looked at the examples and nothing there helped so here I am asking for a little guidance(feeling kinda stupid asking). I am sure this is simple stuff but Xojo has me a little confused as to where I need to do things and how to interconnect them. Any help would be much appreciated.

Scrollbar has a property Value that you can get or set.

I would make the scrollbars a control group which will give each an index, add a property to the window/application that will hold the current index value and in the start button set that property to 0 and start the timer. When the timer fires turn off the current led, increment the index property, and turn on the new current led.

Thanks for the help. I will give that a go and see if I can make it work. Really appreciated!