Scrollbar on Window

I have a window that is just too larger to fit on my PowerBook screen. Is there a way to put a scrollbar on a window or barring that, can you put a scroll bar on a tab control.

How do you handle large windows/forms on a laptop sized screen?


As far as I saw in the past, people do not care about that. Worst, if you come to them saying you have an old computer, the best answer can be: “sorry” or… “too bad, I can’t do anything for you”.

Long time ago, I had a PowerBook duo and I do not saw some REALbasic controls… I had to use a different computer.

Hey, is there’s a non sad answer over here ?

Ever tried to use an external (second) monitor on your laptop? Most laptops can show more pixels on external displays or with newer operating systems use split views too, so you have twice (or better) desktop space.

I do that actually, but my MacBook Pro is heating like a radiator (around 90° C) and the ventilators are making noise (both are running at 6200 rpm).


And I do not talk about how slow the mac is operating when this happens. At last, or I use a ventilator or remove the monitor plug.